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News for Genetic engineering



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Description (Inside Science) -- When Samuel Acheampong was young, he helped his mother on their family farm in the Ashanti Region of southern Ghana. They cultivated cassava, yams, plantains, tomatoes, peppers and other crops. These days, Acheampong works mostly in a science lab, but his interest in farming remains strong. Sam 2020.JPG Image coutesy of Samuel Acheampong He’s currently

#Genetic engineering
Field # Genetic engineering
Updated 19 October 2020



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Description The University of Minnesota has opened a new and innovative clinical trial for the treatment of metastatic gastrointestinal solid tumor cancer. The Phase II clinical trial, which will use cutting-edge CRISPR genetic engineering, has opened exclusively at the M Health Fairview University of Minnesota

#Genetic engineering
Field # Genetic engineering
Updated 14 October 2020