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Description Whether you’re hanging a picture, mounting a TV, renovating part of your home, or working as a professional contractor, a stud finder is one of those tools that you will eventually need. Thankfully, today’s tech has led to a crop of highly accurate stud finders that provide additional information, simple calibration, LCD displays, and a host of other features. So no matter your goal, if you want to find out what’s going on inside your walls, then we’ve got the list for every budget and need. Before we start, a quick word about apps. While there are many apps for detecting studs on a variety of platforms, these are not real stud finders and — as the ratings often show — thus have a very poor track record. Smartphones simply aren’t designed to reliably detect studs in your wall. It’s a little like using the butt of a screwdriver as a hammer: There’s a chance it may work, but it’s definitely not the right tool for the job. That said, check out our list of the best stud finders below.

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Updated 19 August 2018