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Description Mindesk 3 is new modeling software that has a live-link between CAD models and virtual reality and can link to the UNREAL gaming system for simulations with realistic physics. Nextbigfuture interviewed the co-founders Vittorio Bava and Gabriele Sorrento of Mindesk....

#Virtual & Augmented reality
Field # Virtual & Augmented reality
Updated 22 August 2019



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Description In 2016, Sea Hero Quest released on mobile with the intention of gathering data to help understand and diagnose dementia. Three years and a jump to VR later, a paper from PNAS – or the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences — has confirmed that the game has fulfilled its purpose. Sea Hero Quest has provided an enormous dataset that can be studied and utilized to understand, diagnose, and detect the early onset of dementia for years to come. Developed by British studio Gliitchers with the help of Deutsche Telekom and Alzheimer’s Research UK, the experimental project’s success is a groundbreaking moment for research in this field, and serves as a model that can be used in other areas, too. sea quest hero dementia research max gliitchers headshot “The thing that we’re seeing is a lot of people coming out of the woodwork,” Max Scott-Slade, Co-founder of Gliitchers told me. “People who were previously skeptics of the project are turning around and saying ‘OK, now it’s had a couple of general publications saying that it can be used in this way, we now believe it can be used in this way’ so there’s just tons more people coming into the project two, three years down the line.” Typically in game development, the third year after the first release would be when a company’s follow-up is imminent. But Sea Hero Quest feels like it’s only getting started as everyone involved starts to reckon with the sheer amount of feedback they received and all the implications. Dr. Hugo Spiers and Dr. Michael Hornberger, scientists who consulted on the game, now have the confidence to push harder for more resources, and the development team has started considering the other ways they can marry game design and healthcare. The idea was put into motion by German telecommunications body Deutsche Telekom, motivated by a bout of “corporate social responsibility.” It wanted to step outside of advertising and do something more impactful. After discovering that dementia and Alzheimer’s are a couple of the most underfunded and least talked about areas in medicine, Deutsche Telekom fielded pitches for what a game that served the conversation around those conditions while also being entertaining might look like. Already having a working relationship with Dr. Hornberger, Gliitchers pitched the idea of gamifying tests that detect the onset of the diseases and got the gig.

#Entertainments;#Games;#Medicine & Human body
Field # Virtual & Augmented reality
Updated 20 August 2019